7905965222_b723e73590_bToddler Program

Our Toddler Program offers a consistent schedule where your toddlers acquire the skills to learn, play and grow alongside each other. Our rooms are arranged to support your little one’s efforts to explore and do things on their own. Toddlers are given opportunities to play with a variety of interesting and challenging materials that encourage manipulation, interaction and exploration of new and complex ways to use familiar tools. Morning circle introduce toddlers to bible stories and songs that teach important values like caring for one another, using kind words, hand and feet, concepts which are carried throughout the day and expanded upon within small and large group activities. While outdoor play affords toddlers the necessary time to reinforce large motor development.

The Connecticut Guidelines for the Development of Infant & Toddler Early Learning form the basis for assessment and activities development to guide your toddler through the stages of development. Each child’s progress will be continually monitored to ensure that they meet their developmental milestones within the following domains: Personal and Social Development, Physical Development Cognitive Development, & Creative Expression/Aesthetic Development. Your toddler’s progress and sample work will be documented in his/her portfolio, which will follow them upon each transition to the next classroom. Upon completion of the program or formal notice of withdrawal from the Center, the parent will receive their child’s complete portfolio.

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