The Preschool & Kindergarten program at Hope strikes the right balance to school readiness that prepares each child to meet the increasing skill requirements while maintaining an environment of fun and play. Your child will build strong cognitive, creative, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual foundations, all the needed skills to prepare them for future school success. Circle time uses music to teach alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and concepts about print, which is expanded upon in small and large group activities. Children are provided with a variety of writing materials central to developing fine motor coordination as a readiness for handwriting. Math activities uses concrete materials, games and real life problem solving to guide development in counting, number recognition, ordering, measuring, graphing, and patterns.

The Connecticut Preschool Framework forms the basis for assessment and activities development to guide your children through the stages of development and towards school readiness. Each child’s progress will be continually monitored to ensure that they meet their developmental milestones within the following domains: Personal and Social Development, Physical Development Cognitive Development, & Creative Expression/Aesthetic Development. Your preschoolers’s progress and sample work will be documented in his/her portfolio, which will follow them upon each transition to the next classroom. Upon completion of the program or formal notice of withdrawal from the Center, the parent will receive their child’s complete portfolio.

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