7905458822_3b64411e92_hNewborn/Infant Program

Our Newborn/Infant Program provides a nurturing and supportive environment that surrounds your babies with caring adults that will respond quickly, warmly and attentively to your baby’s cues. We maintain each baby’s feeding, sleeping and diapering schedule in order to ensure continuity of care as your baby transitions from a home to a center setting. We communicate daily with parents to determine and provide for his/her needs while at Hope.

The Connecticut Guidelines for the Development of Infant & Toddler Early Learning form the basis for assessment and activities development to guide your baby through the stages of his/her development. Our infant rooms provide babies with ample room to move freely during “tummy time”. A variety of soft and hard toys help infants to develop large and small motor dexterity, while the sound of soft music, gentle conversations and other pleasant sounds encourage verbal intelligence. Each child’s progress is continually monitored to ensure that they meet developmental milestones within the following domains: Personal and Social Development, Physical Development, & Cognitive Development. Infant’s progress and sample work will be documented in their portfolio, which will follow them upon each transition to the next classroom. Upon completion of the program or formal notice of withdrawal from the center, the parent will receive their child’s complete portfolio.

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