Parents as Partners

8367304239_a80baf3ea3_bParents as Partners

Parental involvement is vital to the continuation and improvement of Hope. As such, the center has an “Open-Door-Policy”. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit the center at any time without prior scheduling. Parents may volunteer to be a part of a Parent Advisory Committee that will help guide the policies of the center. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the center any time they are available. They may share any special talents or skills that they have with the children, help with repairs and maintenance or act as chaperones on field trips and special events. In addition parents may serve on the Parent Advisory Council.

To inform parents of their child’s growth and development, written progress reports are issued twice a year for preschoolers, and every four months for infants and toddlers during parent conferences. For parents’ convenience, evening conferences may be scheduled. The center’s Director will be available throughout the day if parents have questions or concerns.

Parent Advisory Council | Additional Resources for Parents