Serving families and loving children since 2002 

Hope Child Development Center believes each child is a precious gift from God with unique and special qualities. Our goal is to help children discover their God-given qualities while sharing His love and forgiveness. Our staff will work with your child in an environment that will develop spiritual, social, physical, cognitive, emotional and educational growth through the incorporation of state learning guidelines, Christian values and through the supplementation of ethics and morals taught at home. Our philosophy regards parents as the primary educators in children’s lives. Parental participation is a valued component of our child development program.

At Hope, we believe children learn best in an interactive, “hands-on” environment where they can discover the world around them at their own level of development through a variety of teaching activities and throughout the day, including play time. Since children need to feel secure before they will begin to explore their environment, our staff gives them love and respect, and teach them howto interact with adults and their peers. Daily activities give them plenty of opportunities to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth, to formulate and organize ideas, and to become more flexible in problem solving.

The Hope Child Development Center operates year-round, five days per week, opening at 7:30am and closing at 5:30pm, offering convenience and quality at an affordable rate.

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1 Long Wharf Dr # 226, New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 865-4673